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Hi and Welcome to the self employed parent podcast. I’m Joel Bower, the Self Employed Parent and 3 times a week, I want to show you the amazing lessons and techniques that not only gave me the ability to balance that delicate line between being a parent and running a business, but how to actually thrive in both. Also, why being an entrepreneur can the best thing you ever do for your family. In this show, I’ll cover business techniques great for parents, such as starting an Amazon business, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing to help parents make money from home. I’ll also talk to parenting experts and entrepreneurs about everything from parenting styles, small business ideas, and business opportunities to help you open up new worlds and get more time with your family. Join me as I show you how, you too, can have the best of both worlds!
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Aug 10, 2015

In episode 39, I dig into an important topic: how to keep your family strong and together when your business is booming and you need to dedicate a lot of time to it. Learn to balance how to share in your excitement without upsetting your family and how they can share in the growth.

See it coming ahead of time.

This sets the stage for the other six steps. You may know it’s started if business demands increase, your “must-do” list gets longer, and your family may be grumpy with you.

Prepare yourself.

Figure out what effect this will have on you, your schedule, and your business. Determine how the growth benefits you and your family.

Prepare your family.

Tell them what’s going on from step two. Be open with them and don’t hold it back.

Tie your success to theirs.

Show them how when the company wins, they win, and remind them that’s why you’re doing this in the first place.

Commit to time with them.

Make plans that your family will love and make sure you stick to them! The last thing you need now is to let them down by being flaky.

Share the excitement.

When you’re excited about your business growing, share it with them in a way they understand that gets them excited, too!

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