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Hi and Welcome to the self employed parent podcast. I’m Joel Bower, the Self Employed Parent and 3 times a week, I want to show you the amazing lessons and techniques that not only gave me the ability to balance that delicate line between being a parent and running a business, but how to actually thrive in both. Also, why being an entrepreneur can the best thing you ever do for your family. In this show, I’ll cover business techniques great for parents, such as starting an Amazon business, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing to help parents make money from home. I’ll also talk to parenting experts and entrepreneurs about everything from parenting styles, small business ideas, and business opportunities to help you open up new worlds and get more time with your family. Join me as I show you how, you too, can have the best of both worlds!
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Self Employed Parent Podcast with Joel Bower


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Aug 24, 2015

In episode 45, I cover the really tough topic of how you can get your business done without feeling like you’re sacrificing your kids - and therefore, get rid of the stress and guilt about it. This episode talks about four specific actions you can take to make this happen, even when you’re working crazy hours.

Make your kids a part of what you’re doing.

Get your family’s opinions on things and include them on what’s going on with your business. Your kids may show you something novel and amazing you haven’t considered - and then they feel like they’re a part of your business and your life.

Explain why you’re doing what you’re doing.

This is crucial. Give them reasons to understand why you’re so busy. Most entrepreneurs know why they’re doing what they’re doing, but rarely to they say it to their families. It’s hardly a surprise your family doesn’t understand your dream or vision.

Show them you’re a real person, too.

Make sure your kids have a real connection with you and know you’re a real person with real emotions and limitations. This not only gives them perspective on where you’re coming from, but it gives them the freedom to be real people, too.

Tell them how you really feel.

Don’t hold your guilt inside. Your kids may need to hear what you’re feeling, why you’re feeling it, and what you’re thinking about. This can also open up conversations and help your kids think about things more completely.

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