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Hi and Welcome to the self employed parent podcast. I’m Joel Bower, the Self Employed Parent and 3 times a week, I want to show you the amazing lessons and techniques that not only gave me the ability to balance that delicate line between being a parent and running a business, but how to actually thrive in both. Also, why being an entrepreneur can the best thing you ever do for your family. In this show, I’ll cover business techniques great for parents, such as starting an Amazon business, dropshipping, and affiliate marketing to help parents make money from home. I’ll also talk to parenting experts and entrepreneurs about everything from parenting styles, small business ideas, and business opportunities to help you open up new worlds and get more time with your family. Join me as I show you how, you too, can have the best of both worlds!
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Aug 28, 2015

In Episode 47, I answer some great questions from episodes 43 and 45 about business leverage, technology, and getting rid of guilt. If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to talk to your kids or how to take advantage of technology when you’re pretty technologically impaired, this is the episode for you.

How does leveraging people, technology, and resources help your family?

When you do it right, you take the stressful tasks off your plate, which means you’re at your best when you do spend time with your family. It’s not just about time - it’s about the quality of the time, too.

How to leverage technology if you are technology impaired.

You don’t HAVE to use technology if it slows you down. There are a lot of other ways you can leverage your resources. Make technology the last thing you leverage - and maybe leverage people to get someone who is good with technology to take it over for you.

How else you can help your family (and you) feel better about the time you spend at work.

There is not a single solution to this problem. Every family is unique. Overall, you need to make sure you’re clear on why you’re doing what you’re doing. Experiment with different ways to talk to your kids about it to see what works for you all as a family, and make sure to tie it all back to their lives and what’s important to them.

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  • Episode 43: What the hell is Business Leverage and why your family cares.
  • Episode 45: Stopping The Guilt: 4 actions that will alleviate the stress of not being their for you kids, by giving them what they really want.

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